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Carol Rashawnna Williams, For the Record,


Throughout her collaborative interdisciplinary practice, Carol Rashawnna Williams contends that the only way to shift race relations and understand climate change is through collective imaginings and re-imaginings of equitable relationships to the land, animals and resources. Williams’ aesthetic forms fall, swim, fly, drip and grow through various layers of reality, spirituality and data analysis. Her narrative installations reject the tidy, toxic logic of scarcity models, suggesting powerful alternatives in collective storytelling, collective ownership, collective re-valuing of biospecies and collective commitments to sustainable environmental practices over time.

Williams extends the inquiry of the Hedreen exhibition to build a second, participatory installation that engages the public and Seattle University community in dialogue around the connections between race and climate justice. Williams asks:

What experiences have you experienced with racial tension and climate justice?

What equitable solutions do you see to these challenges?

How can you shift the paradigm for the common good?

Earlier Event: September 20
Randy Ford: Queen Street
Later Event: October 10
Autumn Knight: M_ _ _ ER