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Robert Pruitt: The Majesty of Kings Long Dead

Creator and Redeemer (2016)

Koplin Del Rio is pleased to present The Majesty of Kings Long Dead from New York based artist Robert Pruitt. The exhibition, which includes a selection of large scale works on paper and one sculptural object, marks Pruitt’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, and second in Seattle since our relocation in 2015. 

This body of work reflects an ongoing focus of subject matter from recent projects by Pruitt that utilize religion and spirituality as a means of exploring an African-American conception of transcendence and mythology. The Majesty of Kings Long Dead probes similar notions while expanding the artists own system of signs and symbols. Ideas of grandeur, holiness and divinity are introduced through depictions of makeshift crowns which dually indicate ennoblement and make reference to Egyptian burial traditions, gold chains and celestial systems.